FMP Summary

May 23, 2018


-The project

Expiry dates of trends as they come and go for cultures to experience, and change their lifestyle accordingly. Mainly focusing of food trends.


-Submission Elements

A set of three A5 zines
each zine is about a specific food, and a theme for it, as well as 4 chapters.



-Things Learnt
- Gathering research and simplifying them to suite the tone of voice.
-Visualizing data and statistics using illustrations and infographics
- Refining Illustrations and combining colors
- Dealing with all the elements that needed to be taken into consideration to produce an editorial. (layout/ flat plan/ paper/ binding/ name)


-Opportunities to show work to professional practice
I will be inviting MSL to the graduate show. Even though whatever they have to say is going to be after the project is actually done, yet every comment from them helped me then and will help me in the future.



-Additional feedback
being passionate about a topic encourage me to dive into it, and it makes me enjoy the process, even with all the tress. I had a brief idea of what I wanted my FMP to be about ever since Christmas break. With all the discussions around it and feedback that has been given, I was able to refine everything.










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