No More Tofu

May 21, 2018



tofu is usually served in rectangle shapes.

If you type something but it is not showing because it is a missing glyph you would see rectangular shapes as well. And many years ago users have refered to them as tufo.


The main aim of this project is to support every language and every character to help enable global communication and remove those boxes, those tofos, hence the name noto which came from the name no more tufo.


Over 800 languages and 100 written scripts, monotype was the chosen company to collaborate with google.


The process of dealing with a script was very complex and long, first, they collected as much information as possible, then they looked at style and they immerse themselves in the culture of it. it was very important to include everyone in this project, so research had to be very accurate to assue to they did not alienate anyone.


So many people from different countries were involved becaue it needed a lot of backgrounds and languages.


This is such a smart and intellectual project, I actually had to watch the video more than once to comprehend how much work and time has been invested. This is another project that is interactive were people can appreciate because it is solving such a big issue.


I've seen this project in the Beezly's Design of the Year. I was so amazed and fasinated by it that i knew i had to go back and read more about it. 





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