Developing new ways to work happy.

May 21, 2018



"Personal Group has been at the forefront of employee benefits and financial services (insurance, cash plans, rewards and salary sacrifice) for over thirty years. Over that time, their personal approach to tailoring benefits for individuals based on face-to-face advice (hence their name) has been the secret to their success."


SomeOne developed a branding identity based on a smiling face together with a positive golden yellow palette. Yellow is not only the most attention grabbing colour, but is also the colour most associated with happiness.



SomeOne developed a branding identity for their concept by using smiling faces and capturing the visuals off actual objects. Yellow was the chosen colour, and I think it is very suitable, because no only it is very eye catching, it is also a very happy colour which works with the look and feel. It is a bold statement, but also simple and clear. 


It is such a fun and subtle idea, they communicated it in the simplest way possible were the colours and the smiling faces were not overwhelming for the viewer. I am sure it created a positive environment at work and it is really nice seeing how much of an impact design can make. the way that it was used to make a change in the employment life within the company was something that really caught my attention.  







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