Landor/ Bring an Army of Artists

May 20, 2018

"We created a typeface to represent an Army of Artists. We were briefed to bring Artupia, a new brand changing how art is valued, to life. As part of this, we created an evolving typeface that uses what's most unique to the artists themselves, their signature, that represents our ambition to make art for the people."




When a designer designs something to share it and communicate it to the world, he/ she is making the choice of sharing something about themselves. Creating a typeface that relays on the handwriting and the flow of the lines and letterfrom of the pen on the paper is something very personal and unique, and i think whoever thinks that would apprecaite the form of art it created. 


Each letter created shows a different style, but most importantly, a different story and background, yet when looking at all the letters from AtoZ, it shows one thing, which is the alphabet, just like the community combines different people together. 


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