Google maps AR

May 20, 2018

google maps will has this new feature of showing you where you are exactly by activating your camera and showing you the streets you are in. This really helps avoid what people tend to do which is turn in circles and look at the arrow to see were it is pointing at. 

It is very helpful in the sense that it shows the streets' name, direction and how it is looking in reality such as the name of places in the surrounding and the names will pop on the screen  - so the user would immediately know where they are. A fun feature is also added where there would be an animated guide in the form of an animal to guide you the way (as if having all this information is not enough!) 


I dont know much about AR, but it is clear to me that is has helped so many technological ideas develop to offer the best user experiences. it makes it easy to use, and fun at the same time. 




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