Google Assistant make a phone call

May 20, 2018

Google assistant will start making a phone call for you. The video shows how it will call an actual person to take a hair salon appointment on the terms of your enquiry. It is very accurate, handles the situation gracefully and states the time and dates you want and will end up with a ready made appointment for you without you even making any calls. however, some examples when tested were not as expected. this is why a lot of experiments have been tested to get the UX right. 


The extent to where technology has taken us is amazing yet so scary at the same time. It shows how we are relying so much on the internet and technology in our daily basis. However, i feel like this is one of the main reasons why our security and privacy is going to be vanished in the long run. everything we are doing is online, making us feel like robots at the end. 


On the other hand, it is a great value for business, it will show how much they are ahead in terms of technology and studies, it will also save those big business a lot of time. 

Does that mean it will lower the chances of employability? i guess, yes. 





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