FMP Stage 9 - Final Layout

May 20, 2018

Bellow is my final layout of my zines. A couple of days before printing, i developed and fixed so many things. I changed the typeface to Akkurat. I made sure i had three different sizes of text (12, 15, and 28) and three different styles (light, regular, bold), just to keep thing neat and tidy.  Also, i made the illustrations bigger, because it is an illustration based project and i wanted to focus to be on them. I also made sure the flow of the zines are understandable in terms of the chapter and the captions i had which i ended up adding some more at the last minute. 

Zine 1/ The Healthy Alternative/ Avocado





Zine 2/ Food with a Function/ Turmeric




Zine 3/ The New Process/ Cold Brew Coffee





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