Cai Lunn went from graphic design to photography

May 20, 2018

""From a young age, Cai Lunn knew she wanted to work in fashion and publishing. Graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2013 with a BA in graphic design, Cai attributes the course’s broad curriculum with giving her the skills needed to eventually land her current role as the picture editor for British Vogue.


Starting out with an internship as an archive assistant at Conde Nast, positions at Kurt Geiger and GQ Magazine followed, and at 22 years old, Cai found herself producing her first cover shoot. Today, she can work on up to 10 different shoots a time, with tasks ranging from researching stylists and sourcing props to scouting locations around the world.""




Cai Lunn has been working with British Vogue for 2 years after she has graduated from CSM graphic design. She works along side editors and art directors, workout what suits each story and what tp bring in in projects, so a lot of it is about producing shooting.


She was always interested in photography, and she was mainly influenced by her mom who used to take pictires on a 35mm camera. Her process amazed her. She did A levels in photography, she learnt so much and she loved. This is when she knew she wanted to be a photographer and work in a magazine.


What inspired her the most was the work of Tim Walker “He created images that i have never seen before, very dreamy and narrative and driven”

To her he transformed the interior and set design into a world of magic.


Studying Graphic design to her was very important because it was very broad in term of pathways and she got to experience different things, which helped her make professional decisions as a picture editor - Such as what picture works best with what headline or what layout work with a shoot or portrait. To her it is very important to know about graphic design and not photography.


She tried to get internships at the age of 16. She was very keen and she finally met the editor of conde’ nast and got an internship ay their library. Vogue on design project made her make intensive research about photographs in vogue. She never really knew exactly what a picture editor does, but she knew she liked it so much. She was good at it as well which got her a 4 week internship at vogue eventually.She observed how things work in a magazine office and the role of a picture editor.


Her biggest turning point was producing a cover shoot for GQ, which was her first time doing it, she was 22 at the time. She had to take a lot of things into consideration, she learnt so much and knew that this is what she wants to do as she felt very proud and accomplished.


Then she approached vogue again after waiting for a vacancy. She loves it because there is never moment and she loves to be busy. As well as being with an amazing team that has the same time to produce the best work possible. To her bing a picture editor, you have to be a multi tasker, and you have to have the passion for it because you are always on the go and you are always doing interesting and challenging.



I actually never tried listening to those pod casts, and i really enjoyed it and i think i should listen to it more often now. 


I enjoyed what Cai had to say about her career and journey. showed me how much people in the idustry appreciate young designer that are hungry to learn, and also how hard work pays off at the end. I also agree with what she said about being a graphic design/ photographer. this is why people are encouraging young designers to be multidisciplinary, yet with a major interest for a couple of pathways to help with narrowing down the career we want to build, but also having a bit of knowledge and background with whatever is related to it. 





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