FMP stage 6 - Major update

May 10, 2018


 A lot has happened in past week..


I did all the illustrations and was editing bits here and there as i was going along. 


right now everything looks very minimal and simple and a lot of white space, so maybe i can be a bit daring and blow important things up and make them bigger so that the zines are not too repetitive. and i think it will be nice and exciting for the reader to see something new whenever they turn the page. 


What is next: 


Still not sure of the typeface, it looks very clean, tight and narrow and i want something bolder 


check all the spelling and grammar because i am sure i've got plenty of mistakes


design a cover


write a short preface for each zine 


proof print 


think of something that will tie everything together and explain the main concept of trends and expiry dates (belly band maybe)


The name of the magazine is going to be EXPIRED. I went back to my original idea and the first steps of thinking about it to keep it simple and straight to the point. 


Expired is a publication were each issue contains a set of three zines which revolves around a certain theme and a trend. 


This one is all about food trends 


Avocado zine: which is all about the rend of having a healthy alternative in food. 

the trend was all about healthy fats and instagram worthy food. 







Turmeric zine: is all about a food with a function. the trend of having a healthy lifestyle and turmeric has so many benefits. 







Cold Brew Coffee Zine: the idea about this is that people want a new creative way to prepare the food so it is all about the process. 






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