FMP stage 4 - References and Inspirations

May 10, 2018

Expiry dates in real life:

It is about how we are surrounded by so much news and headlines that are being replaced and changed very quickly, creating a short period of time to comprehend them. People are getting used to this lifestyle of having something new to know, experience and then talk about and so they seek change once the news becomes “old news”. People seek change and newness through following different kinds of trends. Food, being one of those trends, will be used to communicate the idea of having a “hot topic” for people to give all their attention to for a certain moment, until something else steels the spotlight. All kinds of foods have been there for the longest time, so how did something specific become trendy?



A series of zines (short magazines) will be created where each one focuses on a specific food, beverage or drink which was considered as a trend. Each zine will show the starting point of the food, how and why it became famous and how people reacted to it as a trend.


The publications will be an eye opening experience for people to realize how much is going on around us and how much news they hear, see, experience and talk about, but due to the fast media and life’s fast pace, fast change of what’s trending occurs.


What to include in the zine:

history/ origin

benefits/ fun facts

basic data to make it more believable

The starting point (When did it become a trend and how) Issue

How people reacted to it

How differently is this food existing now (what’s new)

One that talks about trends and the psychology of trends


Types of food:

- Healthy alternative: Avocados

- Food with a function: turmeric

- New processes: Cold Brew Coffee


Pick a name:



Best Before

Shelf Life



Life Span

Last Seen

What’s on the menu 

Special menu

Chief’s favourite


(( I am leaning towards expired. I like recap, but i think it will work better for a name of a section inside the zine. Same with what’s on the menu, and best before, they can be used as come kind of copy inside the illustration.


Look and Feel:

I want it to be an illustration based zine that look hand drawn giving the raw and organic feel.

I want vivid colours to add life and character to the illustrations to the overall tine of voice.

Layout is not decided yet, but I want it to be simple. I think i will be having a lot of information so I want minimum text on the pages and have 1 info per page.

I want the size to be A5. I think this is the perfect size for a zine. And I want it stitch binding.

Basically the whole style will be like a notes style.

(referneces bellow)



My zine is going to be illustration based. This is because i do not want to go down the photography rout. Even though i do enjoy it, but food photography is a different thing, and i think i will be restricted with the amount of visuals i want to create. Also, i have alot of information, facts and data that i would like to simplify in a drawing style to add some fun and humour in the context. 


I want the style to be "notes-style" looking with rough drawing and simple lines and shapes, and many colours for sure. I came across several artists on Instagram and i got inspired with the way they visualise the data is a very simple way, it looks neat and messy at the same time and i really like it. 

those people were

Mari Andrew 


Mona Chalabi 

Haley Weaver 


(their work is down bellow as well - i created a mood board to show my tutorial group) 




 I also went to magculture to look at some zines and explore their style, tone of voice, layout and structure. However, i was a bit disappointed as i did not find anything useful, they did not have zines at all, they were all publications which look really great but not what i was looking for at all.  


But i found Delayed Gratification which i had as a reference a couple of posts back. 

I flicked through it and some elements in their were quite useful, in terms of the way they deal with data and the sections they in the magazine. 

 this is another magazine i found (totally forgot the name of it) but it was food related. 

I just thought the illustrations looked interesting. (i think this was the closest thing i foung to what i had in mind, still however, i will not have that much text in my zine. 

 There was this magazine that had a postcard stuck on it which i thought was really cool and a rally fun idea to try and incorporate something similar. This is because i have to think of a way to tie everything together but this will probably be somrhing to deal with later and i will get back to it. 



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