FMP Stage 7 - Packaging

May 10, 2018


Research about Trend Phycology:


Johna Berger the author of CONTAGIOUS: WHY THINGS CATCH ON


He is an expert in viral marketing.


The obvious thing would be that the quality of something is the best, and that the advertising is so smart that it influenced the people, but according to the book, a lot a lot research have shown that it is really about social influence.

Contagious is all about the science behind social transmission, why people talk and share one thing rather than the other, and, how companies, and indivisuals and organozations can apply these ideas and key principles to drive their products ideas and behaviours to catch on and become popular.

It is not about technology, it is about psychology (especially, with the social media)

Would people talk about things that are mundane and mediochere? It is the advertismemt job to make the product look remarkable.


there are 6 different factors why something becomes talked about and trendy:



Social currency:

Does it make you feel good?

people talk about things that make them look good and feel smart and cool.



How you are reminded of the product?

Top of the mind, tip of the tongue.

People want to be reminded of the product and you advertise it using a strong trigger by using another product or idea that works well with it. (what we talk is what we see)

Things that are qude that remind us to talk about them  



Strong emotion = sharing

when we love something, we share it with our loved ones.



What is everyone else around us doing?

When something is public and sis easily seen everywhere, it is more likely to imitate it, even if you don’t really notice it.


Practical Value:


It is actually useful and helpful?

If you think it will help the other person and make things easier for them, you are more likely to share it with them. It is like giving advice.



It is a cool relevant narrative to entertain people?

Share opinion and thoughts and exchange them.

A wrap up of the narrative


Important note:

The zine is revolving about the foods that became famous, and got replaced by other stuff, and now they are normal things incorpertabed in our lifestyle rather that wanting it because it is under the spot light at that moment.

So, i have to think of something that would tie everything together, and incorporating the trend psychology would be ideal. Maybe have a logo for each step, that would be the title of the chapter, or maybe stamped just like the exp logi is



Packaging (see images bellow) 

I was thinking of ways to package the three books together. So i decided to create a belly bad that has a general preface typed at the back. 

And maybe for the submission, i can put them in an A5 box with vinyl stickers and a separate sheet for people to find and read when they first open the box



I went to so many printers today to discuss time, price, paper, binding...

I decided to print at LDP in holborn on 170 paper Arcoset paper

and i wanted to do singer sewn binding, i had it in my mind from the start, and it was very stesfull finding a place that works with the time i have left. 

I finally found Bernard and Westwood in Clerkenwell, they seem very professional and it was very easy talking to them and asking them as many questions as i want. 

the only problem was that my orders taked time to be completed and that means i have to have the artwork ready by Tuesday the 15th. 






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