How to have ideas

May 6, 2018

"The most valuable currency in business isn’t technology, or offices, or even talent, which will always come and go – it’s ideas. Ideas solve problems." 



a very interesting article breaking down how to have ideas in 4 simple steps - this is what i got from it:


1. Getting started:

"Albert Einstein (supposedly) said that if he had an hour to save the world, he’d spend 55 minutes working out what the problem was and five minutes looking for the solution."

Basically, in this point it focuses on the fact that having a problem to solve is more important than the idea, because the idea comes after the problem has been studied, and after it has been explained in one sentence. if the problem is clear then the idea will be clearer and will end up with a true one at that. 


2. Getting ideas:

Having fun is key, as it will generate to more and stronger ideas. Steve Jobs said that creativity is simply connecting things. So to come up with creative and unexpected ideas you’ll need to connect lots of different things. The mnore fun is invested in connecting these dots, the more successful the ideas will be. just like how the underground map was created.


3. Getting unstuck:

it is part of the creative process, and somehow, it is bound to happen. The trick with getting unstuck is to acknowledge it and to do something about it, right away. Don’t just go round in circles writing down the same ideas you’ve already had. change is good as it breaks the routine of the way the brain was thinking and dealing with things. 

another way to get unstuck is to ask yourself some questions "what am i doing" "how can i change this" ]


4. Getting it out there:

An idea becomes complete when you share it to its audience. Start with the WHY (the one sentence), WHAT (the point), then HOW (the outcome)












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