Creativity is a process, not a discipline

May 6, 2018

""Creativity" is a term that holds an almost mythic status in modern business."



Amazing article, this is what I’ve learnt and taken from it.

There are misconceptions as what what creativity is. Businesses, no matter which industry it is categorized in should be aware of what it is, who is capable of it, how it is used, and why it is important for everyone.


***A quote by Creative Director, Nick Eagleton:

‘the most valuable assets in business aren’t technology, offices, or even talent, which will always come and go. They’re ideas. Ideas solve problems. Ideas inspire people. Ideas invent what’s next. Ideas make an impact. Most importantly, ideas are the direct output of creativity’.”


It is actually true, because if you don’t have a design solution to your problem, then there is no idea, and when thre is no idea, there is no creativity invested.

Another misconception is that people are either born creative, or not. That is somewhat true, because anyone can be creative in some way depending on what they do and what they like. Therefore, everyone has the ability to be creative, it just needs practice.



doing creative work is different than approaching work creatively, because approaching work creatively generates innovative ideas, which happens in all parts of a business.


The fact that creativity brings people together and it generates discussions and talks helps with the innovation process.  





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