Final Major Project Proposal

May 21, 2018



Project Summary:

EXPIRED is a new series of zines that tackles cultural trends that shape our lifestyle and influence our behavior. Issue no.1 explores the fleeting fascination with certain food; taking the readers on a journey from the start to end "expired" point of their trends.



Food trends (three different kinds)

-The Healthy Alternative: Avocados

-Food with a Function: Turmeric

-The New Process: Cold brew coffee


Research focus:

-History of the ingredient/ food (What is it)

-The Turning point

-How people behaved to it (consumer behavior/ digital behavior/ word of mouth promotion)

-How the behavior got expired



- Millennial to relate to and be aware of the issue

- Adults to laugh at (and also to relate to)






Series of zines (3 x A5)

Hand drawn illustrations and infographics


Professional outcome:


-Danielle Pender/ Founder of Riposte Studio and editor of Riposte Magazine Danielle did not just help by being a tutor, she was also a very good source of advise in terms of dealing with my editorial as professional as possible; since she is the founder and editor of a very well known publication. Her advice helped me organize my thoughts and ideas. She encouraged me to go with whatever I felt was right for my project as long as it had a valid reason. Thanks to her, my preface turned out a lot better after she had edited some copy. 


-Chris/ London Digital Print

Chris made the printing experience less of a stress as he was easy to talk to and I was never hesitant to ask any question. He was supportive in terms of time and price as well. His advice on the paper I used is very much appreciated as a, I very pleased with how the prints came out. He also made sure that the prints will be ready the way the binding offices wanted them to be.


-Michael Davies/ Sales at Bernard and Westwood

Overall, the office seemed very professional in what they do. I did my singer sewn binding over there and Michael was kind enough to set up a meeting to ask him questions about price, time and the way they wanted the prints to be prepared. A lot of emails where exchanged to prepare everything well.


Mariam Abu Adel/ founder of @fingerforkknife

Mariam is a health blogger based in Amman-Jordan and Lübeck-Germany. She has always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle, and being up to date with new recepies and fun ways to enjoy healthy food. Asking her some questions about food trends allowed me to know the situation from her perspective as a blogger and as a person who makes sure she follows them to benefit her followers.




As a form of a paragraph:


EXPIRED is a new series of zines that tackles cultural trends that shape our lifestyle and influence our behaviour. Issue no.1 explores the fleeting fascination with certain food; taking the readers on a journey from the start to end "expired" point of their trends.

There are three zines were each one talks about a different food trend. The healthy alternative zine revolves around the health that people are being aware of; which allowed them to be more creative in their diet, especially with including healthy alternative foods, such as Avocados. The Food with a Function zine appreciates the importance and excitement of adding more food and flavours into meals, especially natural products and remedies such as turmeric. And lastly, the New process zine communicates the journey of cold brew, being considered as a new process for preparing coffee to experience change.

All zines contain 4 chapters, they start off with some history and facts about the foods and beverages, then continue to the turning point that made them a trend and how it effected the behaviour, followed lastly by the expiry of those trends. Those foods had such a huge attention by people for a specific period of time. They were talking about them to each other, researching about them, watching videos to educate themselves, sharing posts related to them, as well promoting them in cafes and recusants. Now they are replaced by something else, due to the continues cycle of changing trends. Therefore, the attention on it has decreased and the behaviours got affected, making them “expired”.

Expired can be for anyone to enjoy, but it is mainly for millennial as they are the age group that are mostly interested in trends, the series will help them be aware of the situation. 



Questions about Food trends asked to Mariam Abu Adel (founder of @fingerforkknife)


What do food trends mean to you?

A reality that most of us are living in and cannot avoid, it’s part of my lifestyle. It is affecting how people are reacting to food, their routine when cooking, grocery shopping and when choosing to eat out. it is a way to keep things fresh, because i agree from what you said, people always like newness because they get bored. And what better way to experiences this newness through food!


What do you think makes a certain food a trend?

 A certain hype that influencers or people in the media stress on and rave about until a crowd starts to follow and forming a trend. and they follow this trend because it depends on human nature, this idea that we want to achieve what we see online, some more than others though. 


Do you worry about keeping up to date about food trends? How important do you think it is?

Yes, actually being up to date is taking a great part of my life, as a person that always likes to read blogs and magazines, these trends are surrounding me, and exploring them can be very tempting. It gets addictive sometimes, but only because i have a passion for it. And the way the audience responds is always a motivation.


As a blogger, how do you aim to communicate with your audience? (examples: Do you give them brief facts and knowledge about the ingredients? Do you take good quality images for your page to help promote the idea you are sharing?... )

I usually take pictures and then I elaborate further on my idea to make the information clearer. I also use polls on Instagram in order to know how my audience is thinking. I try to share many of my researches or current habits yo benefit them and guide them. I usually leave some space for my followers to decide whether they receive a lot of content or only main points. Overall, it is like a two way communication with myself and my followers in order to give them what they want, but at the same time, doing something that I love. 


















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