FMP stage 3 - Development and Solving Problems

May 2, 2018

I was thinking of of finding a stronger purpose for my idea. because i don't want it to be a magazine about food, it is about food trends and how the behaviour gets expired. meaning that people talk about it when it is trendy and then it gets replaced and hence the behaviour gets replaced and it changes. 


I came to the conclusion that so many people are curious about particular foods and ingredients in terms of how they become "famous" and "trendy". and why? there must me some kind of turning point and a particular moment that changeseverything. 


So i decided to create a zine with 4 parts within it to make things clear for the reader:

1: chapter 1:

some history about the food (because it has been their for ages, it is not a new ingredient) i thought people would want to know  the starting point and where they come from. 

2. chapter 2:

it will be about the turning point which will answer people questions about their curiosities. this is where i will show what happened and how it happened. 

3. chapter 3:

this part will be about the the behaviuor of the people and how it changed accrodingly, so this could be sales, consumption and production increased. it could also be a digital behaviour were  people are sharing it on social media, because people usually share what is trendy. 

4. chapter 4 

last but not least is going to be the EXPIRED part of the zine where i will show how the behaviour got expired.

*Still thinking how to communicate the expired idea. This is the main message so I need to make sure it is clear for the audience when they first look at the final work.*


The reason i chose to do a zine is because i think it will work well for the idea with all the levels within it, because it is a build up to the main concept of expiry dates. 


bellow are the research i did for each food that i have chosen.

1. Avocado

2. Turmeric

3. Cold brew coffee

and i based it around the structure of the zines that i will be having. 


It took me a while to decide which ones to pick, avocados was an easy one, but with rest, i wanted them to be worth mentioning and that there will be a lot to talk about. so it really depended on the content. 








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