Gursky Exhibition

April 22, 2018

 Gursky's exhibition in southbank was an exhibition worth seeing. I've seen his work from images on the internet and books, but seeing them displayed in front of you is a such a different experience. Gursky described his work as 'the pure joy of seeing' and it is a very precise way of describing the worm because his image look so perfect, so polished, and to him it is the way he sees things, which enables the viewers to see things differently from his perspective, even if it is the the real actual vision. 


the last image, in reality, contained building and trees and was very cluttered. According to Gurskey he sees it this way, quite, peaceful and empty. Not only the editing is amazing, but the idea he is trying to come across is beautiful. Because there is always more than one way of looking at things, and i think it is never wrong to see something that makes you feel differently about what it actually is, it is never wrong to allow your imagination, thoughts, feelings and beliefs change the way you are looking at things. 


There might be a different reason why those images are the way they are, but i think he is trying to show the beauty and simplicity of everything even when it is not looking "perfect" in real. 









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