FMP Stage 2 - research + narrowing down the idea

April 22, 2018

After discussing with different people about my idea, they seemed excited about it because everyone related to it.

“Do you want to go through trends?” I got asked

my answer was that even though i tried not to go down that rout in my thinking process but i think eventually i will, and this is because what people talk about is what is classified as trendy at the time.


Trends can be classified in so many categories and I came to a conclusion to pick one theme in order to communicate my message in the most direct and accuare way. Also, it will allow me to figure out the target audience.



It is not a trend, but the aesthetic of it and the idea of people talking about a certain event that happening in the moment is trendy. However, I don’t want to pick politics as a topic, due to several reasons;

It is an area I am not really interested in and i think it is because i don’t have the enough background knowledge.

For researchers and politicians and the students and anyone involved in the area wont think of an event as something that is only important in its actual time, because it occurred due to things in the past that will effect things in the future.


Entertainement news

Who cares about who got married or who broke up or who had a baby, yes, everyone talks about it at the time, but it is not a strong example to communicate my message as it will only attract few people, and naturally fades away anyway. 






Trendy and relatable, but i don’t want to go down the techy style.


Last but by no means least,



It is a trend for sure, and I think everyone agrees.

There are certain foods drinks and beverages that has been there for ever, literally, but then the people and the social media and the influencers make it as the hero of the year by making it more exciting, more accessible, showing its health benefits, showing its new process of preparation and how easy it is. And then when the next year arrives, and they make something else the hero. This is just because society seeks trends and wants a trend to follow and something new to get excited over and talk about.


So my idea of expiry date of food could be not the literal meaning of when the food goes bad, but in other words, the foods that were trendy at a certain period of time, and now they are not anymore. Therefore, food trends is going to be used as an example and tool to show the idea of Social expiry dates in real life.


Food tends depend on several aspects:

Biggest search trends

Eliminating seasonal effects

Year over growth



Restaurant and café menus



My thoughts and opinion:


-The general trend regarding food to me these days is how social media communicates it as a form of art, with the way people are photographing their meals and posting it, and this is a way to show their lifestyle and show their personality and what they are into the places they have been (you are what you eat, no?)

- Also, there is this theme of “What I Eat in a Day” Videos on YouTube that all bloggers and influencers are sharing, were they show in the video what they had for lunch breakfast and dinner and most importantly snacks.

- Food and travel, which is also something shared on social media. People are more exposed to different cuisines now because they are more accessible in foreign countries.

- Millennial cafés, which is what Instagram is all about these days. At least from my point of view.

-The #foodporn

-health: people right now are more aware of their health and want to eat as much natural food as possible and less of the processed and packaged food.

- animal rights: which raised the percentage of vegetarians and vegans amongst people.


How to gather research: (What’s on the menu?)

1. Primary research:

-Create a questionnaire

-Annalise and study the language of YouTube videos and see how they create such a fuss about a certain food.

-Ask local cafes (what is trendy now? What was trendy last year other than seasonal months)

-Compare menus of restaurants and cafes

-Observe the shelves of groceries and what is being more consumed

2. Secondary:

-Go online and read articles and books and studies about what was trendy in the years (2014- 2018)

-Check out cook books

-Food photography over the years and how is evolved



Bellow is my gathered research that i have done about food trends of the years 2014 till 2018. These are things i found online from blogs posts, articles, data and statistics, and google trends. (summery is written bellow the images. )









Summary:Food trends of the past 5 years (taken online only)


Year 2014:

  • Instagram friendly: Cupper mug cocktails – ice cream sandwitches

  • Healthy Alternative – Califlower (making it new and exciting)

  • Ancient grains – Quina (old is the new again)


Year 2015:

  • Avocado (+ avocado on toast) (they saved our lives? How was life before avocadoes_

  • When is the meat?

  • Healthy alternatives: coconut sugar, non dairy milk, superfoods, smoothie bowls

  • Smoothie bowls

  • Rice bowls

  • Eating your rainbow

  • Breakfast for dinner


Year 2016:

  • Food with a function - Turmeric

  • Travel with food – Pho

  • Personal food – bite sized snacks


Year 2017:

  • Flavors go earthy – Kumbocha/ Ginger/ Matcha

  • Process – Cold brew coffee

  • Hydration and health – Hot water/ lemon water/ water with chia seeds

Year 2018:

  • Alternative proteins – super powders/ Plant based proteins (plant attack)

  • Natural flavors – Flowers (flowers springing up in food)

  • Know what is in your food – reading ingredients and self cooking 







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