FMP Stage 1 - ideation

April 12, 2018

For my FMP Thinking I tried to summarise  my idea by organising my thoughts in small paragraphs. I wrote everything i was thinking of, weather they were starting points or vague ideas or inspirations and this really helped to see everything in the bigger picture and pinpoint the things that i liked the most and the things that worked better together and offcourse it helped me narrow down the crazy broad topics I had. 





We are living at a time where everything is moving in such a fast pace.

We find ourselves running out of time to comprehend what we are facing and experiencing.  

News and events weather they are social or political, also trends in terms of food and fashion come and go and they end up taking such a small part of our memories because they lasted for a short period of time - to the point where they become insignificant. Therefore, the lifestyle changes, conversations between people and the things they share with each other change. Everything feels temporary because people tend to get bored of things and would always want to seek change.




Not necessarily to increase the lifetime of things, but it is more of a movement to help open people’s eyes and make them appreciate the things and think more about them while they are still in their lives before they eventually get replaced. (yet I don’t want it to be tragic)




You see your friends and family talk about it on the same day the event occurred, and then everything gradually decrease until they find something else to talk about. 



Syria Strike

Everyone is sharing their opinions and building conversations around it. It is trending on social media, it is top news on news channels and it is top topic in conversations.


- Games

Trends in games, (Pokemon go)

You see everyone playing it and it seems like their whole life revolves around it

The next few weeks, it is completely gone

People get bored and they start searching for something new to kill time with.




Kendal Jenner pregnant




All the kinds of seeds and beans in the world, and off course, Avocadoes 



Facebook’s CEO Mark Zucherberg faced federal lawmakers about data privacy, fake news and election interference.




Create a branding identity showing the expiry dates in real life, to the things that have already been expired as well as the things that are almost there.

Create your own label/ logo/ mark/ symbol/ sticker

Tangible and intangible



Execution ideas:



Recreate an image from the past pinpointing what has been expired, weather it is a person, a conversation between people about something relevant at the time, or a tangible object  

How long did the things last? Why and how did they expire?


Create a current image and predict what will happen to the elements in it.

For how long are they going to last? Why and how are they going to get expired?


By using my own logo, everything in the image will be marked



Showing the timeline of things and at some point when you turn the page, the pages are empty and then get filled up again by another new replaced topic



Online shop selling branded merch with captions of them about expiry dates in real life





Layers on layers


Text over images

Graphic patterns and lines over images



Art direction


Expiry dates in real life



Bellow are the keywords that represent the idea 


I also created a list of possible names. I know it might be too early but I feel like i need to write down everything while it is fresh in my mind, and maybe after the development process i would come back to this list and then those names would develop to fit into my work. 

 In terms of medium, I still did not decide what could my final outcome back, as some ideas I have work best as a series of posters (such as the idea of creating a movement and an identity) other ideas such as creating a storytelling and informative piece make me think of editorial. 


The images bellow show the idea of labelling and having layers on layers as a style. 

When i think of branding, I think of having my own label and mark on items showing their expiry date, and the references kind of show this idea. Also, I got inspired my type and images and the look and feel in created by having them together, especially with the use of shapes and colours and lines. 




Delayed Gratification magazine revisits the news of the past to give the final analysis about the stories that mattered. They believe the media cares about how the news started where as they care about how they ended. 

It encourages slow media by taking more time to study the news that happened three months ago and communicate it in the best quality possible. 

They think the ultra fast news cycle rates being first above being right. It tells us what is happening in that moment but rarely what it means. 


So basically this magazine cares about the actual information where as I want my idea to be all about the change of those information for the audience to experience and understand how much information\ news\ headlines\ trends we go by per day, week, month and year. 


They do really cool infographics, showing all the information and data using visuals and shapes are colours and simple illustrations making it more appealing to the eye especially with the right higherarchy that makes the audience understand faster. 







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