Majestic Disorder - Art and Culture Magazine

March 25, 2018

I bought thins magazine from a magazine store in covent gardens. the title really caught my attention me and i thought the content was quite interesting. reading though the pages about what the artists had to say about their work and personality made me realise how special artists art in their own way, they are all special and unique and they offer something new and exciting to the word. They all had that one story or moment or value that made them the artists they are now, and so many of them faced a lot of things that motivated and inspired them to create the work they are creating. 


"Having a creative career is really intense. You always put yourself on display throughout your creations, so it can pretty time consuming and personal"

this show how much their work means to them, and some don't even think of it as a career because they are passionate about it so much.   


The places they have grew up and the places they live in now, as well as the people they meet, they things they do and the things they experience are all added up together creating well rounded artists that what to say something about themselves to the world, especially for those who can relate to them, and those who are seeking inspirations. 


I was differently inspired by the stories shared in this magazine. 

someone said "my work is made by my own hands, and there is never going to be another one like it in the world" 

this quote made me so happy because it shows how unique each one is and how each one had something new to offer. Art to me is like storytelling though creativity and imagination, and seeing how they artists' experiences translated into their work, weather it was painting, photography, sculpting, stitching, is so inspiring.   




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