Clerkenwell Design Week

March 15, 2018



Inspired by the different kinds of brinks and different patterns of tiles around Clerkenwell; the main architectural elements of the area have been combined together as a simple and abstract illustration forming a new tile design representing the designers. Also, showing how Clerkenwell is one of the most important design hubs in the world.




I went to Clerkenwell area to take some photographs of the bricks and tiles to gather some inspirations. It was a good starting point as a form or observation and primary research. 

a lot of geometric shapes and interesting patterns. 




My first trial combined all the elements together as a hub. Including details and many elements. 


My second trial was creating different styles of tiles combined together showing one tile as a whole. this was to show how Clerkenwel has a lot of designer where each one is represented by a tile, and they work and collaborate together to create innovative work.  



I then decided to simply it and create just one tile to make it more wearble and rateable to more people. 


Tote Bag Design: 



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