This Is Me, Full Stop.

March 1, 2018


"Expanding on their personalities and possibilities, the book tells the story of each punctuation mark’s character from their own point of view, in their own words. Who each mark truly is remains the reader’s delight to discover and decide, though certainly the full stop loves endings, the comma is addicted to resting, and the semicolon has the mystery of a wild animal…"




I loved the concept so much. I think it is such a clever way to create a story revolving around punctuations. They are not just important in grammar, but they also create a tone of voice to the sentence. It either creates a calm tone, or a strong one such as the phrase, “this is me” which I think is very powerful. For instance, I feel like having an exclamation mark after this phrase would sound silly and mocking. However, with a full stop makes it very powerful and contains confidence in the tone.


I also love the layout of the book. Very simple, yet also very powerful and straight to the point. The contrast of the pages is interesting. Having one line at one page where the other has a huge punctuation covering most of the space. As well as the contrast of black and white. 







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