D&AD - Execution

February 24, 2018


After looking at my problem I decided to solve it in a different way. 


I went back to my original concept and asked myself again what i want to communicate though it 


So i rewrote my overview in the simplest and clearest form. 


Campaign Name:




A campaign that aims to show John Lewis is for every individual, no matter their race, gender, culture or religion; by raising awareness to the people who are making unconscious stereotypical thoughts and judgments about each other. 

By using what people buy from John Lewis as a tool, the idea of how fast people tend to have false
assumptions and judgements on each other will be communicated. It will be showing the
element of surprise by showing how an individual with all his/her “stereotypes” is buying
something the public might never assume. 


It will allow people to accept eachother and avoid any unnecessarily labels or tags,
as at the end of the day, people want the same thing, need the same thing, and most
importantly, deserve the same thing. 




I was inspired by the idea of manipulation, distortion and perception. 

Stereotypes are a social concern that has been passed on through generations. It reached a point where is it fixed and is hard to change. However, John Lewis should challenge their audience to look at things from different perspectives and change the way they perceive things. 






And for that i came up with the idea of a lenticular poster 


Three Lenticular posters. Each poster will consist of two images, one being products from John Lewis, second being the person who bought it showing all his/her characteristics, which are considered as stereotypical images to the public. Each image can be fully seen from one particular angle, and
this is to challenge people›s perspective physically and mentally. 





 Style and Tone of voice:


 And i decided to have everything illustration based inspired by geometric based illustrations. like the one heystudio does. 


However, after trying it out, i realised that looked childish and does not fit the tone of voice and the look and feel of john lewis. And decided to look at different styles of illustrations which i think worked so much better. 





 And lastly i mocked up the lenticular poster were at one angle you see the person and on the opposite angle you see something that people might not have thought they bought. just to let them be aware of first judgements. 

 social media post to engage the younger audience. 


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