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February 24, 2018



A Campaign that aims to show John Lewis is for every individual, no matter their race, gender, age, religion -  by raising awareness to the people who are making unconscious stereotypical thoughts and judgments about each other.


We must learn to accept that women also try to go and buy an electrical machine without having too much knowledge about it, yet is confident to do her research and ask questions. She might actually even know everything but the stereotypical thoughts label her otherwise. A little girl can can go a buy a video game, a boy can go and buy makeup for himself, a woman in the kitchen appliances section might be a successful business women and not “just a housewife”. A young man can be found looking for a nice set of plates.


By using what people buy from John Lewis, the idea of how fast people tend to have false assumptions and judgements on each other will be communicated. It will be showing the element of surprise by showing how an individual with all his/her “stereotypes” is buying something the public might never assume.


It will allow people to accept everyone and avoid any unnecessarily labels, as at the end of the day, people want the same thing, need the same thing, and most importantly, deserve the same thing.


Execution 1:



Create a flip Flat Screen, where the upper and the lower part of it are changing showing different people with different characteristics inside out, and the middle part is a John Lewis bag which remains the same.







Tutorial feedback:


I was told that theme of stereotypes is interesting, and the way I approached it terms of using product to communicate the message and raise the awareness.

They did not particularly like the execution, and I actually presented it nor being totally confident about because I wasn’t really sure.

They liked how I said I want the element of surprise to open the eyes of costumers and realize that everyone deserves the same thing.

Which is why I think from here I can make it in a fun way, maybe something interactive to enhance this element of surprise. And challenge to costumer to think outside the box.

I was also given a very good advice; to talk about stereotypes, I must acknowledge stereotypes, and not to be afraid.



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