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February 22, 2018


Google women emoji:



Google have developed a set of 13 emoji designed to better represent women in the professional world. In a presentation to the Unicode Consortium, the body that approves and standardizes emoji, the team says the new emoji depict "a wide range of professions for women and men, with a goal of highlighting the diversity of women's careers and empowering girls everywhere."




Shaida Walking by Julian Opie in Carnaby Street


I wanted to draw people just the way they look walking down my street, any street. I asked random people to spare me 20 minutes and be filmed walking on a treadmill. I filmed at 50 frames a second (twice the normal film speed) and set about drawing each frame in a pared down drawing style derived from signs and symbols, ancient and modern. I built a display cabinet using LED technology usually seen on billboards and information panels. I found a public spot and placed the object on a plinth like a bronze statue of a civic hero to stride endlessly as a living drawing and as part of the crowd.




Selfriges Everybody campian:


The ‘EveryBODY’ was a multi-faceted campaign to mark the opening of the Body Studio at Selfridges London, a 37,000 square foot in-store concept offering over 150 brands and more than 30,000 different styles across lingerie, swimwear, and hosiery.








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