The Yellow Book "Daftar Asfar"

February 17, 2018

Daftar asfar, which means "yellow book" is a sketchbook that travel from city to city in the Middle East which aims to build the spirit of collaboration between artists.

Who ever receives it shares their thoughts on the page of the book and sometimes the next person who receives it responds to that with the page next to it, or can create something else and raise a new topic that he/she wants to share. This idea ends up with a book that has different styles in art as well as different thoughts beliefs and personalities, all in one book.


I don’t think that has never been done before, but it is the first time I hear about it in the middle east. I realized how many creatives and artists are out there in the Arab world but are barely known, this is why this is a great idea for them to know each other and share their stories with other people that are interested in art. I discovered it from instagram, and it seems like they are becoming popular slowly. 


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