M. McQuade

February 17, 2018

Mike McQuade is focused on creating smart, provocative, and conceptual work for editorial illustrations, covers, brands and various print and online visual communications. Through constant exploration of typography, imagery and illustration.
I love his style, it is different to the things I tend to look at and actually have interest in, but the use of the shapes, color and typography is subtle and too over done. It seems effortless and pleasant to look at. I think the presentation and the layout of the website makes everything look less overwhelming.
The collage style he has is very interesting, I like the pop of colors that are peaking under old images, it adds a very nice element of contrast between the balck and white photographs and coloful graphics.

I think I will be coming back to his work for my FMP, as it is all about things that get expired and how new things are replaced. I am inspired by his use of layering and maybe I can incorporate that somehow to communicate my idea.

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