Alessandro Scarpellini/ Visual Journal

February 17, 2018

Alessandro is a graphic designer and Visual journal is the name of his website where he showcases his branding projects. I think this is the other style of branding that I like. Depends on the brand itself, I either like extensive use of color, or something like this which is more stripped back with a more subtle and minimal design. I think the presentation of the work makes it look like very professional and that hard work is put into it which is always a good thing to show.


The simple layout with the cards and prints he does for instance are very straightforward, they are not cluttered at all and this makes the reader find everything vey easily and understand everything from the first glance.

Also, his choice of logo and typefaces compliments the overall look creating a really interesting art directed images. 


 [image source]


One of my favourite projects of his is is bute by graphic house. I don’t have much to say about it other than the colors rally caught my attention. The elements used to visualize and represent the textures of fabric have a very beautiful aesthetic to it and are very visually appealing. How everything is combined together and everything is balanced and well thought of created an amazing art directed series of images.







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