Craft Work - Making the final outcome

February 15, 2018

 I finally opened illustrator, and illustrated the playgrounds and experimented with different colors and angles (the basketball playground for instance worked better with the perspective view rather than a birds’ eye view.) I knew I wanted to show the playground because it carries the element of balance due to how symmetrical it is. Also, I think they look cool. I finally like where this is going, and I hope the animation will be as good as I want it to be.


each playground had a separate color pallet, and that made each scene look different, with a bit of similarities due to the style that they had in common.




I ended up not using the tennis court because i the movement of the ball did not make sense. I like the birds eye view, but i will not work with the ball bouncing with the abstract look i have going on.  I also did not use the last football court, I thought adding diversity to the angles w

ould look interesting and would make each scene different and exciting to the audience. 



While doing the animation there were things I into consideration:


  • Time:

It had to make sense. There is some physics that goes into it, this is why I did not want the movement random and messy, because it will end up creating an unprofessional final piece. Therefore, I thought of how logically a movement would go about, and then add the exaggeration and the humor to it. Hence, the ball had to move on different paces and speeds, and timing was key for that accuracy.


  • Zooming:

As I was zooming in and out of the scenes, proportions had to change and I wanted them to be accurate.


  • Positioning:

The way the ball was moving had to make sense according to the actual sports game. For instance, a basketball wont be moving towards the hoop in a straight line, there needed to be some kind of curve.


  • Sound:

I think sound was the hardest because I had to find a specific music or a beat to work the animation I already had. It was not like I the movement of shapes were dependent on the music, because I had specific simple movements that would not work any other way.

For this reason, find an instrumental music or a beat was out of the picture for sure. And the only choice I had was to use the real sound effects, which in my opinion, I did not prefer, but I did not know what else to use, any random music or sound felt so wrong as well. Hence the sound effects also had timing to accompany the movement, which had to be precise.


  • The overall pace and smoothness:

I have never done something like this on aftereffects, this is why I wanted to challenge my skills and try my best to make it look as best as it can possible be.  







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