Craft Work - Development

February 8, 2018

I decided to pick sports as a theme, I thought it works well to talk about balance within sports due to all the movements and momentums, as well as actions and reactions that are involved. And I thought having several clips of that would look exciting and engaging, each scene would look different for each kind of sport due to the different movements.




This is what i did so far 








I am not pleased with my outcomes. I know I am experimenting and learning new things on after effects, but I am not liking how it is looking visually at the moment. I don’t really like the 3D effect of the balls against the 2D abstract background. It is creating a very harsh contrast and it is not very appealing. I am glad I narrowed it down to sports, though, as this made it easier for me to think of scenarios that work along together. However, I need to think of a a better way to present it.


This project is all about the craft in the process and the execution, so I need to work more that, repeat and practice, reduce and make better. And this is what I need to work on at the moment.


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