D&AD - John Lewis - Research and discussion

February 18, 2018


I picked John Lewis because i thought the brief is so broad and current. An idea could be implemented through branding, or interior design, product or packaging design.  there could also be a lot of using research about retail, and the future of retail. 


As a group we discussed some examples about bad retail:

 As well as examples about good retail examples:


As well as general issues that would be important to be taken into consideration. as well as some insights on Gen Z


Issues that are important to millennials




Housing crisis, being forced to renting unable to buy a house

Child labour

NHS – health care system

Mental Health


Plastic – more than eco friendly

Education – is it worth it?

Older generations and how we interact with them


Supply chain


Hypocrisy – they’re worried about a lot of issues but modern day life can mean it’s difficult to avoid consuming buying into certain brands or practices they find problematic.



Issues that are important to GEN Z (5-19 year olds)


Tech – not such a big deal for them as they’ve grown up with it, more interested in experiences outside of tech are more important


Image conscious due to social media



Cliches to avoid


- Anything too insta friendly without any depth or real idea behind it examples being slides/ballpools/inflatables/playground vibe

- Pastels and pink

- Random use of personalisation/customisation

- Tech for the sake of it

- #toomanyhashtags

- Performance

- Photobooths

- Over done interactive elements i.e. post its for the sake of it

John Lewis



Groups thoughts on John Lewis



- For an older customer who has grown up with John Lewis and invest in quality and like the good service.

- Don’t really have products for a younger audience

- Spend too much time trying to find what you want

- Stores too bright and overwhelming


- Good for electricals

- Reliable

- Good use of spatial design in Oxford Street store – you get a good view of the whole store from the escalators

- Too expensive, but the group decided this was because they don’t sell cheap products not that the products are over priced.

- Like the haberdashery and would go for this reason

- Would buy homewares there but getting them home would be an issue.

- Good quality.



Each person was given a question by Danielle to do some research about and then come the next week to share it with everyone in the group. 


This was my question:


Find one really strong and engaging social media campaign or shareable moment?


-Christmas campaigns by john Lewis


-Dr Martens

Opened a new 'experimental' store in Camden, which aims to give shoppers the full experience of the brand.
A virtual reality (VR) station, powered by Oculus, takes guests on a tour of the brand’s original UK factory. There is a music space, in partnership with online radio platform Mixcloud, which has been set up to host a music programme throughout the year. 

Read more at https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/dr-martens-opens-experiential-flagship-store-camden/%7Bsubjects%7D/article/1430765#FPjKAU0arGLJt07q.99






Unbelievable Bus Shelter | Pepsi Max. Unbelievable #LiveForNow

They have used up  bus stop on new oxford street for people to experience an unbelievable experience in their life



-Coca cola

They did a used bus stop the next year for another great experience for the people. They have introduced Valentines bus stop where people can talk to others who are on the next bus stop, yet they did not know where they were until they ended up at the same bus.



General Ideas shared in the group:


Everything in the store is sustainable (stella mcarrney)


Fitting rooms (interesting interior and concept)


Displaying things as artefacts rather than product s to buy


Description on the product and how to take care of it (long term trust)


Discerption of materials used and then you can scan the code and see other products that


Weather (hunter)


Enjoying the whole experience not just the product (like Selfridges)


Illumines fragrance shop in dover street market


Gen z are the future and they will end up buying from john lewis (They fear of climate changes. They love hashtags. They like to know if they could afford things.)


A lot of white inside the store on JL


Only at John Lewis (orange branding) you can find orange tape or vinal on the products that you can only find in john Lewis


Green branding (also used in documents) (competitors will distinguish it from others)


Indoor window display (something for installation based)


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