MOB hotel

January 31, 2018

MOB is a boutique hotel in Paris striving to break hospitality conventions.

It came from the idea of community and how everyone should come together, which what they say is the opposite of shutting yourself off in your own room, but instead, embracing the power of people and the interactions between them. They have approached this idea  by working with collaborations.


They worked on the branding to make it feel simple, joyful and have economy of means. Ingenious, direct and charming solutions were sought to common hotel problems. They were inspired by Karl Marx to create the campaign “of the people”


I think this is great idea to focus more on people and their interaction with each other rather than stick to products and services only. This makes the project more personal and sentimental and people will really appreciate it. I know I will. The colors look very cool and the branding identity is fun and simple. I like the stamp feel to it because it gives it a raw organic feel to it. 


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