I just want to be inspired

January 24, 2018

Hey there, it has been a while. Last time I posted was before Christmas break and it was because I have been busy writing my dissertation. But now it is finally over. I submitted last week and I could not feel more proud of it. I believe I put my absolute best into it so whatever the result will be I will be happy with it because I am satisfied with the work I have given.


However, I am not going to talk about dissertation, I am here to share my thoughts, (which I don’t know if I can share something personal here, but since it is related to my work, I think it is okay).


Basically, I have been so uninspired lately. It is like I have all of those tiny ideas in my head but I don’t think they are worth even given them a second of my time. I am unmotivated and inspired. And i am facing a Creatives' Block .


I tried to do the usual things people/ advise, going for a walk around London streets, going to a gallery, talking to a friend, reading a book or a magazine. But honestly, it did not do anything to me. And right now, I am working and doing the things I have to do not because I want to, but because I have to.  


Maybe it is because of the craft project that i am really finding it hard to enjoy and produce something good. Hope it is just a short phase thought!







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