Craft Work - Implementation

January 29, 2018

I wanted to show some kind of tension between a certain topic, so I thought of the idea of saying yes and no to things and the way we have to balance between both.


I would not call my first experimentation successful. This is because it lacks some excitement and a story behind it. however, now I know that if I want to make something similar, I would know what I will be taking into consideration in terms of the animation. I have to pay attention to the timing. And with whatever I want to animate, it needs to somewhat look realistic and avoid the animated feel as much as possible to make it look professional and realistic. Even though my animation will be simple, but I know I will have time to perfect it and make really smooth movements.


I realised from what I did that it is all about the tension of something that is about to happen but it is not really happening. It is all about the anticipation of it. I still like how exaggerated it is, the the fact that people will have the “AH COME ON!” reaction. The clip it somehow annoying to watch, and I think it would be interesting if I could add that element into my final animation.


My next step now is to think about a story or a theme, and then think of scenarios that contain this kind of tension.



Things to improve:


Make it more punchy 

add a proper start and end to the clip

add background movement to build more tension 

make everything the same pace 

avoid repetition 







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