Craft Work - Brief and Research

January 26, 2018

I am excited for the first practical project after dissertation hand in. I miss designing and experimenting and getting creative again. 

The brief was quite interesting even though I had no idea what I am going to do, sometimes you just know immediately or at least what kind of thing you want to do or the path you want to take. But this time for me it was all about doing some research to see my options. 


I like how the idea of craft is about the process and the experimentation, the theme balance was tricky, because when I was thinking of something crafty it did not particularly communicate balance. 


So I kind of shifted my way of thinking and started thinking of the word balance and what it beans.  I was thinking of visual balance and the way gravity and physics make everything make sense. It is a straightforward idea but I would like to communicate it in an exaggerated way, so I started looking at GIFS and animations that contain shapes to portray balance. From those references I knew I wanted to create some sort of abstract animation with different shapes. And these were the ones I liked. Simple, yet snappy.  


I used after effects once before, but not in that sort of way. So I am excited to try it out and challenge myself.







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