How to Live with a Designer Without Killing Them

January 22, 2018

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I had this saved on my bookmarks. “How to kill a designer without killing them” is a book written by Alan Long. And the title was probably what made me open the link and read more about the book. To be honest, it is one of those books that I would never by for my self, but would definitely pick it up from the shelf in the store and flick through, maybe get it as funny gift for someone.


It is very obvious that designers have a special way of living and they like things to be done a certain way, (At least, I hope all designers are like that, or else I would just sound extremely bossy). So this book is for those whose are living with designers whether they are a sibling, a daughter, a son, a friend or a partner. And it is there to give them tips and tricks to tolerate their weird lifestyle. It could also be for the designers out there who admit the fact that they are hard to live with! Either way, it is made to make you laugh and this is what I like to thing graphic design is, it is anything you create with love to trigger some kind of feeling to the audience.


“This common character trait among designers manifests itself in many forms. The book highlights dozens of examples, including how they manage to find the beauty in “mundane crap” such as the reflection of a water stain on a concrete floor, and how cooking is more an exercise of putting complementary colored ingredients together than creating something that actually tastes good.”


This is why being a designer or a creative person is so amazing. We just see the beauty in the little normal things we see everyday. I personally like to believe there is always a very unique aesthetic into anything and everything around us.  


Alan Long 





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