"How great Leaders Inspire Action” TED talk by Simon Sinek

January 22, 2018

During joe joiner’s talk, he introduced his work, and how a multi disciplinary  designer goes about doing things. He mentioned something about the what how why theory and mentioned Simon Sinek’s name, the person who came up with that theory.


The next day, I google his name and start watching his ted talk which is called “How great Leaders Inspire Action”

He starts of by saying that all the great leaders and successful businesses have access to the same things as everybody else, however, they have one thing that makes them distinguished. They all think act and communicate the same way and is the exact opposite to anyone else. He calls their method the golden circle.


How why what is the reason for their inspiration to others. He says they everyone know what they are and what they want, some know how to do it, however only few know why, the purpose and the reason, the cause and why should everyone care(not in terms of profit because that is the result).


People think of the obvious thing first which is what, then how then why, which is from the inside out. However, all these inspiring people communicate from the inside out and think about why first.


People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do It and gave the apple example which made so much sense.

This is how apple thinks

Why: everything we do we believe in thinking differently

How: making nice products and make them user friendly

What: want to buy one?!


Their competitors are qualified to make the same exact thing, but what distinguish apple from the rest is that their why is very strong.


Graphic design communication is al about communicating your idea in an engaging way to the right audience. We all need to be creative in the design field. But most importantly, the importance of the idea we are communicating needs to be taken into consideration first. And we need to think why we want to communicate what we want to communicate  to give it a stronger purpose which results in a better interaction and a stronger impact on the audience, also resulting in the good change we are aiming for.


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