Unheard Voices - Implementation

November 23, 2017

I did the photoshoot twice. The first time i had done it, I was using natural lighting, therefore, the color of the backdrops turned out differently. I was aiming for them to  look like one block color without showing different shades of color. When I was shooting, I thought I could edit it and make it look like what I want, However, there is only so little you can edit to make a photograph look “nice.” 


Photoshoot 1/ Before Editing :


Photoshoot 1/ After Editing :

During my second photoshoot, I was more confident for multiple reason. Firstly, I knew what I will be facing whenever I put the object in front of the camera, I knew exactly the best angle for it, how much to zoom on it and the best background color for it. This was something I struggled with during my first shoot and it was something I had underestimated. Every object had something new and therefore, a new trick to solve.


I used artificial lights for the second shoot and I watched how to use lights when doing still life photography. This made the colors look so much better and consistant through the whole series of images and it needed minimal editing. I just had to brighten them a bit. 



Photoshoot 2/ Before Editing 

Photoshoot 2/ Before Editing 













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