Unheard Voices - Final Result

November 30, 2017

Last part of the project, I was thinking of ways to present it and give it some context

Posters was the first thing that came to mind. and then having captions or quotations at the bottom to further explain what the object means, as presenting it by itself would not do it justice. 


However, I felt posters would be something typical to do, and I wanted something that would suite the tone of voice I aiming for. My project is very personal and is relatable to so many people. This is why I thought of printing the images on cards that people could send to each other. But then, how would I include what the object means? 


From there, I decided to create some postcards that people can send to each other, and their shortened version of the story would be typed at the back. Thinking ahead, I had to know how I would be photographing them, and this is why I printed two copies of each postcard. 


I had to do this step twice as well. I wasn’t satisfied with the quality from the first time I had printed. I also did not like how the colors turned out. As they have lost the pop that they had, which is something I wanted to show. 


I then thought they might look better when i photograph them. So, i gave it a try and photographed what I had, even though I was’t happy with the outcome. When I was done, I looked at the photographs and was so unsatisfied with them. Therefore, I decided to print… again, and photograph… AGAIN. 


This is how they looked like during the first time I had printed and the first time I had photographed them. 





And this is how they looked like the second time which I was much more happy about. 

BTW. love the texture of the background! it was actually a canvas paper that i had borrowed from my friend. 





Lastly, I wanted to give it give the project something extra and tie everything together. This is when I gave the postcards a branding identity and called it “When Stories Meet.” And it was basically a hypothetical idea for people to send their sentimental objects to this small business called “When Stories Meet” so that it can be photographed, and then be sent to other people, this way, stories will be shared in the most personal genuine way possible. 



Looking back at this project now, with all of its stages. I realised that I repeated each step twice. Not because someone told me to do it again. It is because I am in a place where now where I can judge what is good enough and what is not. If I ask myself, is this the best I can do and my answer is a tiny nudge to a “no” then i would not be hesitant to repeat it again because I know I can do something more to produce the best possible outcome. Also I am at this point where I dont want to put something in my portfolio that I am not completely happy with. Now I am very content and proud that I did all those mistakes and solved my problems the way I did, so I wont end up wondering what if. 


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