Unheard Voices - Idea

November 18, 2017

But how can we communicate the unheard voice?

How can we enhance it?


Just like the artist I chose used tattoos as a tool to tell a story, since tattoos always have a meaning behind them, I would like to use objects that people are emotionally attached to tell their story, by asking them what it means to them, and what it means for them to share it to the world. It is all about the people, and their stories through what they own. 



I have found work regarding photographing people with their sentimental objects. It has been done to death actually. The images bellow shows the work of 4 different artists and they look exactly the same. If I do something like this I don’t think I will be offering something new. Also, I don't feel comfortable photographing people as I don't have the experience to guide them and direct them on what to do and how to act in front of the camera.  





For this reason, I thought of a more contemporary approach. I thought of photographing the object by itself and applying the art directions methods used in the images bellow. These kind of art direction have been very popular and I have always wanted to do something like this. 


I believe it works with my idea as I don't want the people to be a distraction in the image. I want the images to be about the objects, for them to be the main focus communication and the hero of the image. I want use different coloured backdrops, either to show the personality and the meaning of sentimental object, and also by color coordinating it with the background and see what color looks best on camera. The series of images should be looking colourful, fun and personal at the same time. 


 I asked my friends to give me their sentimental objects and their the story and meaning behind them. It was really amazing to see difference in the stories, and how something as random as a pencil case for example can mean so much to someone. This is when I realised it is all about the connection they have with their item due to who gave it to them or the time they started to own it and the memories it had


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