UNIQLO Shopping bags

November 16, 2017

HeyStudio is one of m favourite studios out there. I love their work as it it based on geometry and colours combined together forming simple yet interesting prints and branding identities. 


Uniqlo’s branding usually compliments the local culture of the store’s location. Making it look like it is part of the country and that it belongs there. And most importantly, it show that the band respect and understand the city as it really is. They called this: Homes: the true identity of a city.


People tend to have beautiful antique floor tiles in their flats, it was popular in the 19th century and it is still popular now. To them, home is where people can be themselves and act freely, Barcelonians would visually connect this true and honest identity with their homes, with the hydraulic tiles being a big part of them. 


For Barcelona’s store, Hey Studio created three different shopping bags for the store located there evoking the classic antique floors. As for the interior inside the store, they have portrayed translated activities and things people of Barcelona do in their free time and translated them into graphic icons. which varied from riding a moped or a bike, skateboarding, sunbathing on the beach, having a coffee or vermut with bravas on the terrace of a café, going for a walk in the city centre or enjoying live music.


What I like about this project is how it the audience can see themselves in it. It seems very human and personal, and audience tend to appreciate those kind of projects. The visuals look great, the patterns are very simple and straight to the point. The colour pallet they show is filled with life and portrays Spain’s culture in a very interesting way. 







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