Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?

November 16, 2017

I went to see the Exhibition Can Graphic Design Save Your Life in The Welcome Collection. The posters were everywhere and I just had to go. The exhibition was organised in several categories, from health to education, protest, navigation, and campaign. 


I feel like the exhibition showed a perfect summary of what the typical graphic design is. And I think people who are not graphic designers should have visited it in order for them to be aware of the amount of graphic design they see and and use and interact with on daily bases. weather that is a buying a pack of cigaret, understanding what the medicine is about, as well the posters and signage they see on the streets, and in public places such as hospitals for instance. 


The thing about cigarette packaging, people became more aware over the years that it is unhealthy for the human being, which is one of he main reasons why they have stopped adverting about it. And this also effected the packaging as there are the awareness label on it. With this method they try to raise awareness as much as possible however still knowing that a lot of people will ignore it and keep on smoking.


The piece I was impressed from the most was the cigarette packaging and how it was developed throughout the years, because, it was something i never seen before, where as the rest of the work was seen multiple times but it was stole nice to see them all combined together in one room and realise the effect of tragic deign on people. 




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