Naresh Ramchandani

November 13, 2017





Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani explores eight words and their significance


Naresh, is a big fan of words. She says: 

“I like the way that their sounds form rhythm and music. I like the way that their meanings are both fixed and endlessly interpretable. I like the way they can be funny, or sad, or cutting, or supportive. And I like the way that every word is secondhand and that it’s an everyday challenge to arrange them to say something new.”


Her book shows a range of words she loves and mean something bit to her




Home is lying in your bedroom as a child and hearing the muffled voices of your parents below and knowing that everything is safe. Home is getting out of bed at five o’clock in the morning and knowing where to place your feet to avoid the creaky floorboard that would wake your partner.


Henry tweeted a poem that struck me very deeply, called “Of Others”.
""Remove from the world 
the self and the selfie; 
think of others,
take an everyone-elsie.""

In one micro-poem, Henry had explored and embodied one of my favourite ideas and words: Selflessness. An abbreviated haiku, the word Self-less-ness tells a story. Self.



"And then I have to sit down, and consider this: that our language is one giant code, with shapes denoting sounds and sounds denoting words and words denoting objects, thoughts, names, actions, ideas, that allow us to have some shared labelling of our physical and imaginative world, because it’s more interesting and useful to describe than to point and to grunt; because we’re insecure, or social, or both."

to her the letters that create a word create a sound, a meaning, and a feeling, plug is one of those words that makes her wonder and question everything, all because of one word, 








the words she picked are very different from one another. One could think how silly it is picking a word such as plug to be one of their favourites. But the way she explain her reasons behind each word is very personal and is very relatable to so many people. the visuals she has created are very abstract and I think one cannot understand until reading her explanation. But this might be her way of keeping it as a secret and for people to wonder why this word and try to think of words themselves. 







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