Darren Oorloff

November 13, 2017

Darren’s main inspiration is from the future and the unknown. His style is futuristic and raises a lot of unanswered questions


He says his work is about the tension between the past and the future. and this is shown because he uses elements we are familiar with from our daily lives. 


I love the fact that his work looks unrealistic and realistic at the same time. there is a lot of details incorporated in them, and the stylistic approach is interesting. I never thought i would be interested in this kind of style, but the way he incorporated type and image together attracted my attention. also, the fact it looks like a collage made me love it even more, it added a lot of layers and textures to the art work. 


I may have liked the concept behind his work more than the outcome itself, but this shows how many ways an idea can be communicated according to the style of each artist and designer. 






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