Unheard Voices - Research

October 22, 2017

When I first started my research process, I found it difficult to find an artist that is unknown or unheard, but then it got easier as I stated to come across a lot of work. however, It was all down to if their work is worth sharing. Because it is all about bringing the spirit of their work rather than the outcome itself. 


The three artists that I had as an option are down bellow. 


1. Ceren Bülbün






















She collages the human body parts with nature’s elements. Her work portrays her belief in the relationship between the human being and nature by expressing a verity of feelings from love to hate, to happiness to anger and pain through dramatic visuals.


Her approach and the look and feel to her work is negative, whereas, when i think about the relationship between humans and nature, all positive thoughts come to mid such as love hope and life. 


I still think her work looks very interesting, however, I feel like I am more interested in her techniques rather than the message she is trying to come across.





Bashar Al-Aaeddin 






















Jordanian photographer and videographer 

He does some commercial work, but his personal work is what makes him a talented artist. He works on an ongoing project of a photo documentary of people with new style calligraphy tattoos and portrays their meanings and impact on people photographed. By that, he is using arabic type and the face and body of the person to share a story and a feeling. 


His work mainly explores the culture of and the stories behind arabic tattoos on an Arab generation. He says "Just an Arab, with an Arabic tattoo, and a story" His Photographs are all black and white,  and by them he is trying to break the stereotype with the way he is photographing women for example, he is not sowing them like a typical traditional way women Arab women are photographed. 


The fact that he is telling a story through calligraphy tattoos specifically arabic calligraphy is very personal and I can relate to it so much. 








Yazan Setabouha




















Jordanian illustrator painter architect and tattoos artist 


He is interested in minimalism, expressionisms and one-line drawing. He draws distorted figures from his own observations of people around him, and expresses his thoughts and the stories he created about them by a continuation of one line. 


His imagination is very complex but he choses to express that through one line only. He also draws on so many different mediums such as plates, walls and papers. His work is very mysterious and this is the main reason I chose him. 







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