To Death with a Smile

October 11, 2017



When I think about death, the word unpredictable comes to mind, because no one will know when or even sometimes how or why. Someone's life can end with a blink of an eye, or in this case, with just one bite. 


Referring back to the Disney Movie Snow White, I want to used the apple as a symbol representing the sudden death. The smile comes from the irony of it all, looking at a scene from Disney, yet still communicating death. 


I want to recreate this scene in a photograph. 






I took photographs in my kitchen. i was experimenting with the composition, as it was quite tricky with the hand to not make is looking awkward. With my final piece I feel like I have succeeded with the the composition and angle, the attention was on both the apple and the hand since the light was more focusing on the hand. And after I had edited it on Photoshop, it started looking much better. 




 Chosen Image:




























After our tutorial, I got good feedback from the group. They laughed, which was the whole aim, hence they probably understood the concept behind it. 

I was advised to make it more witty and modernise it a bit, which I agreed to. So, I decided to put a "cheezy" princess tattoo on the wrist with the most cliche font.  









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