This project received a Pencil for the
D&AD New Blood Entry 2018




A campaign raising awareness about stereotypes to avoid any unnecessary tags and labels on people by having an additional and specially designed tag to be put on items from John Lewis. As people purchase and take it off they are being part of the #NoTag; supporting the idea of removing the tags from each other.




By John Lewis representing what they support, they are improving the overall experience for their existent and non-existent customers. They are gaining the trust and brand loyalty. As John Lewis tackles the issue of stereotypes, they are being transparent and saying that no tags are intended on any person because they believe that everyone wants the same things, needs the same things, and most importantly, deserves the same things. Stereotypes and generalizations eventually result in differentiation and inequality between individuals, and this is an issue John Lewis can shed light on. 


Taking into consideration Generation Z, they are at the age of building their own identity. However, some of them might be suffering from the tags and labels that have been put on them.

This campaign enables Generation Z to fight against those stereotypical judgments and accept themselves the way they are as well as others. 

Branding Identity 


Chosen typeface and Color Palette.


Inspired by the striped emblem from John Lewis's logo; a hashtag symbol is created for the
#NoTag campaign. 

The Tag on Items



An additional tag is specially designed to be put on the items of John Lewis, which also contains information about the campaign.

Engagement on Social Media 

To attract more people, especially Generation Z, whoever takes the tag off is able to use the #NoTag and share it on social media.

The Tag on Shopping Gags 


Not all items are going to be found with the additional tag, therefore, they are added to John Lewis’s shopping bags as well. This is to insure that all customers who have purchased are leaving the store with the specially designed tag. With their purchase, a card is given to them asking to insert the tag into the tag machine. 

The #NoTag Machine 



The touch screen of the tag machine allows customers to chose a topic about stereotypes and then are asked to print their receipt.

The #NoTag Receipt



Designed to be printed by the tag machine to customers with a story related to the topic chosen about stereotypes. This is to ensure that they leave John Lewis with a stronger impact. 



To target more people and encourage them to step into John Lewis, the #NoTag campaign is promoted on the window display showing the element of curiosity.