Eco Kitchen is a community-based kitchen in one of the 60 refugee camps in Greece run entirely by volunteers and refugees. Their aim is to help the refugees mainly children to provide them with healthy meals and snacks.



More Than This Overview


More Than This is a sub-brand that works in conjunction with Eko Kitchen to sell its products and raise money for Eko Kitchen. The sub-brand helps Eko kitchen to continue heling the kitchen, and so the purchase is more meaningful; hence the name, More Than This, as in, More than just the product. 


Branding Identity and Product  


Inspired by monograms and Lino cut, More Than This logo, simple and structured, is a stencil that is stamped on fiber plant pots. This method gave the same rough texture the Eko Kitchen logo has.

The idea behind a plant is that nourishing it leads to a  nourished community, helping them live the better life they have always wanted. 


Additional Product  

A fiber plant pot with an Islamic art inspired illustration is available as well.