Jordan is becoming a known place for tourists to visit. Mainly because of its hospitable people, climate and different destinations which allows people to enjoy new experiences.


Jordan Destinations is a branding identity for Jordan aiming to show that it is a place for many exciting experiences to discover, as each destination is so different yet so unique, from the desert to the city, to the sea. As A Jordan living in London, I wanted to show the way I see my beautiful country to the Western world. This was achieved by illustrating several geographical places around the country showing its main elements.

Jordan Destination



The inspiration came from abstract shapes and simple graphics which have been used for the illustrations. vivid colourful colours which added a lot of life to them.

Color Palette 


Vivid colors were used which added a lot of life to the tone of voice and the look and feel of the whole branding. Also, each destination was assigned with three colors which suited the characteristics of the area as well as the illustration that represented it.

Typeface References  




Advertisements were created for promotion to reach a wider audience. 

App Design 


In Partnership with Royal Jordanian Airlines, Jordan Destinations App allows the user to chose a destination and discover everything needed about it. General information and facts, A guide map on how to get there, A list of what to do, where to eat and stay the night as well as images taken from social media can all be found in the App. 

App Design Campaign 



using the shapes from the actual illustrations, they have been taken and distorted and played with randomly to create abstract graphic patterns that were used to be printed on envelopes, bookmarks, T-shirts and even socks and pins.