In today’s society, everything is moving at such a fast pace that we find ourselves running out of time to comprehend what we are experiencing. News, events and trends are being changed and replaced so quickly that they end up taking a small part of our memories, leaving us with the habit of always seeking change and newness.

EXPIRED is a series of zines that tackles cultural trends. It explores where they come from, their arch from the peak to “expiry” date and the impact they have on wider cultures as they come about in cycles.


Issue no.1 explores the fleeting fascination with certain food - Avocado, Turmeric and Cold Brew Coffee; taking the readers on a journey from the start to end ”expired” point of their trends.


Each zine is separated into 4 chapters:
1. What is the food? 2. The Turning point 3. The behaviour 4. The expired behaviour.

Zine 1 - Avocado 
The Healthier Alternative


Avocados are considered a healthy alternative for specific foods. As people became more aware of their health, they started to be more creative in their diets. The Healthy Alternative zine explores the history of avocados, its turning point and the changes that happened accordingly when it
became a trend.



Zine 2 - Turmeric
Food with a Function



Food with a Function is dedicated to those added flavors into meals, especially the natural beneficial product and remedies. It explores the journey of turmeric, and how it’s health benefits made it become a trend. As well as the digital behavior that changed dramatically. 



Zine 3 - Cold Brew Coffee
The New Process


A zine communicating the journey of cold brew, being considered as a new process for preparing coffee to

experience change. It shows the history of it, the reasons for its popularity and how it made an effect on people with time.