Jordan is a known place for tourists to visit.
Mainly because of its hospitable people, suitable climate and different destinations which allows
people to enjoy new experiences.


Jordan Destinations is a user friendly App which allows tourists to plan their journey in terms of where
to go, how to get their, and what to do. It helps them gain the full experience as there is a new experience
to discover at each destination.



Typeface and logo


Westernized is a typeface created specifically for Jordan Destinations. It is derived from the actual Arabic letters that were slightly transformed and westernized to create English letters. The typeface added a more Middle Eastern style to the branding identity.




Abstract illustrations are created to represent some geographical places in Jordan. Vivid colors are used to create life and energy to the overall look and feel showing that each destination is so different and unique with a new experience to discover.

Jordan Destinations App


Jordan Destinations App - sponsored by Royal Jordanian Airlines contains everything tourists need from facts about the location to how to get there.